In a Loving Foster Family, but Missing Home – “This is Us”  addresses an important issue in the Foster Care community

An extended relative once pulled me aside at a holiday gathering, confused by my 4-year-old foster son’s uncharacteristic moodiness. Instead of the typically spirited, joyful little boy he’d most often been since he came to live with us eight months earlier, my foster son was sullen and withdrawn.“What’s up with him today?” the relative asked […]

Foster Care Arizona Daily Star investigation: Fixing our foster care crisis

After peaking with nearly 19,000 children in foster care in 2016, Arizona set out to keep more families together and pull fewer kids from their homes.Some changes are taking hold, and the number of kids in out-of-home care is trending downward. But the state still hasn’t tackled the bigger question: How can we solve the […]

Richard Wexler: SB 1473 is a detour from real child welfare reform and would remove the kinship care preference in Arizona law. Study after study has shown children do better when placed with relatives. 

Remember “crack babies”? Back in the 1980s, they were the infants supposedly doomed to a life of “certain suffering, of probable deviance, of permanent inferiority.” The predictions were accompanied by graphic depictions of infants going through withdrawal, and condemnation of their mothers for “choosing” addiction over their children.None of the dire predictions came true. And […]

Child Welfare seeks foster parents, volunteers in walk-and-talk event 

Child Welfare staff at the local Oregon Department of Human Services offices are heading door-to-door for more help with their continued programs.Their newest efforts, which follows last year’s “100 beds in 100 days” event, are aimed to get out and find volunteers in areas that need more foster parents. This year’s Foster Care Walk and […]

Resource Parents Needed to Foster or Foster-Adopt a Child – Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Adoption is a meaningful way for individuals and couples to fulfill their dream of parenting.  There are approximately 64,000 children in foster care in California.  Los Angeles County’s foster care population exceeds 21,000 children with 500 foster children waiting to be connected to a family who will adopt.  Children’s Bureau offers a comprehensive foster care […]

Seniors affecting lives of children through foster grandparent program 

The Chickasaw Nation Foster Grandparent Program is providing senior adults with the opportunity to mentor young children in child care and school environments, not only making a lifelong connection with the children but also fulfilling their own emotional needs by giving back.The program pairs seniors with young children in south-central Oklahoma local public schools, the […]

LA County Approves New Plan to Help Crossover Youth

We know that, statistically speaking, kids who spend time in Los Angeles County’s foster care system — or any foster care system, for that matter — have worse outcomes when they reach adulthood than youth who’ve never wound up in the child dependency system at all.Over the past few years, new California state laws that […]

Helping Kids in Foster Care Learn to Manage Their Emotions and Behavior – The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Helping children and young people in foster care learn to manage their thoughts, emotions and energy is a two-part process. This is especially true when foster parents, kin and other caregivers are working with children who have experienced trauma. Source: Helping Kids in Foster Care Learn to Manage Their Emotions and Behavior – The Annie […]

Young runaways, immigrants more likely to become trafficking victims | Loquitur

According to the Congressional Research Service, there are more than 1 million homeless youth living without supervision on the streets, in abandoned homes and buildings, in shelters, with friends or even with strangers every year. This estimation is considered to be lower than the actual number of homeless youth because this demographic is difficult to track.Information […]

There are 10,000 kids in foster care in Maricopa County alone

You don’t need to be a foster parent and take a child in 24/7, or adopt a child in foster care to make a difference. You can mentor them for as little as eight hours a month, and make a difference as well.”Our mentor program matches volunteers from in the community with school-aged children in foster care,” […]