Many have never had a positive adult role model in their life, and most are afraid for what their future holds. Mentoring a foster child can help make a difference.

You don’t need to be a foster parent and take a child in 24/7, or adopt a child in foster care to make a difference. You can mentor them for as little as eight hours a month, and make a difference as well.”Our mentor program matches volunteers from in the community with school-aged children in foster care,” said Laura Pahules, Director for Arizonans for Children.Kids need role models, especially kids who’ve had a rough start at life.”You need to care, and you need to understand that they’re just kids who need someone important in their life,” said Pahules. “Someone to care about them, to introduce them to basic life lessons, like how to pump gas, when to say please and thank you. Those are things that a lot of kids in foster care aren’t exposed to.”These kids are those who may never find a foster family because their case is trapped in the courts, and they need help now, before they fall through the cracks.

Source: Mentoring a foster child can help make a difference – Story | KSAZ