Host a Fundraiser for NFYI

You can make a difference for foster youth in your network.

Want to help lift up #FosterYouthVoices and transform the child welfare system? In addition to making a contribution, you can have a big impact by inviting friends, family, and colleagues to learn more about the child welfare system and invest in foster power.

Hosting a fundraiser to support NFYI is vital to supporting the foster youth voice. we’ll support you every step of the way.
If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to Executive Rebecca Louve Yao at or (213)221-1176 X104

We both believe in NFYI for so many reasons, two important ones being: their follow through.

They work with youth till they achieve their own levels of success. This is not a short-term process, but a lifetime commitment. Another reason we truly believe in NYFI is that they give youth a chance to advocate for themselves, to speak their own minds and to be part of ‘taking action’ and the process of fighting for what they believe in!

Ed & Murphy Romano, donors