New Mexico Delegate

Tina Harris

Tina is a former foster youth who faced many challenges within the system, leading her to become a passionate advocate for reform. When Tina was just five years old, she and her siblings entered the foster system, where they were immediately separated.

Tina spent many years in the foster system until a biological aunt adopted her, only then to tragically pass away. Next, she found herself placed in an abusive situation, eventually running away and re-entering the foster system in order to escape. Finally, Tina found herself thriving in a healthy, supportive family who went on to officially adopt her. 

Since leaving the foster care system, Tina has been part of many outreach efforts and advocacy groups around child welfare reform. She currently serves as a board member on the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee of New Mexico and has dedicated her life to holding the foster system and juvenile justice system accountable. She is also pursuing a college education at a school in Clovis, New Mexico.

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