Pennsylvania Delegate

Teshiana Smith-Nichols

Teshiana began her advocacy journey for foster youth rights in 2015. The 23-year-old began advocating for herself and her brothers in the court system. She  grew up in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area. Through her Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Day experience, Teshiana is hoping to gain knowledge of how Congress works and what she can help to do behind-the-scenes to assist in decision–making for foster youth. She hopes sharing her story will give congressional leaders insight into how issues like better educational opportunities and long-term support can truly help foster youth in the long-term run. Furthermore, she hopes to learn from members of Congress how they plan to include foster youth voices in their efforts to create change, and how they aim to build allies in the fight to combat the historical decline that we have seen within the system. One fun fact about Teshiana is that she loves to sing, write poetry and journal. A quote that best sticks with her is, “ If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it,” from Zig Ziglar.

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