Shyra Billick

Role: Digital Media and Communications Fellow

Shyra joins NFYI as the inaugural Digital Media and Communications Fellow. In this role she hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of current and former foster youth and to be part of the transformative change NFYI is leading. Shyra is a former foster youth so she understands many of the struggles within the child welfare system. This experience spurred her passion to help others. Shyra is currently a student at Washtenaw Community College majoring in Digital Video Production. She is also working on building a career as a social media influencer and podcast host. She aspires to create evolutionary positive change and to leave the world a better place than when she came into it for future generations.

Passions/Hobbies/Aspirations: Shyra’s hobbies include going on nature trials, doing yoga, and painting.

Fun personal fact: Shyra is an alchemist. She can take anything (thoughts, situations, perspectives) and transform it into something beautiful!

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