Oregon Delegate

Savannah Williams-Huynh

Savannah is a 23-year-old student, and the mother of three beautiful cats. She got into advocacy when she and her younger sibling were placed in the foster care system. Her advocacy was fueled by the treatment they received while in care and when she aged out. She saw first-hand how messed up the system was, and she decided she needed  to be involved to help create positive change for future generations. She was born in Portland, Ore. but grew up in Fritch, Texas. From her experience as a Congressional Foster Youth Delegate, Savannah would love to gain the knowledge needed to make the changes happen in real time. She would also love to share her own story of overcoming obstacles that have been set in front of her. Savannah has successfully completed college. She aims to never become a negative statistic, and hopes to inspire as a college graduate. Savannah would love to learn from my members of Congress how they create their bills and what they do on a daily basis. She wants to see how congressional members interact with others in society and to see how things work on a federal level. She also would like to learn how one is driven to getting in a career to become a member of Congress. When not advocating, Savannah enjoys spending time with family and friends, discussing her cats with others and watching anime. A fun fact about her, she can multitask on things but she can’t talk and do something at the same time. A quote that represents Savannah is, “You can tell a cat parent by looking at their hands, arms, and legs.”

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