MEMBER of the Board

Nanxi Liu

Role: CEO and Co-Founder of Blaze Technology

Nanxi Liu is the CEO and Co-Founder of Blaze Technology, a platform that enables teams to build software with no code. Previously, Nanxi served as CEO and co-founder of Enplug, a leading global digital display software company, which was successfully acquired. Nanxi also serves on the Board of Directors for (NASDAQ: PRTS), a leading e-commerce auto parts company.

In college, Nanxi founded Nanoly Bioscience, a venture-backed biotech company that develops polymers to eliminate refrigeration for vaccines. Nanoly received the Top Research award at the World Biomaterials Congress and is still successfully operating today. Named Forbes 30 Under 30, Nanxi is also on the Board of Advisors for Covington Capital Management, and she is a producer of the Amazon TV show, The Bay, where she won an Emmy award. Nanxi graduated with a double major from UC Berkeley. She is a concert pianist and enjoys running, hiking, tennis, and basketball.

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