Delaware Delegate

Micaih Avery

Micaih was born in Wilmington, Del. Beginning  at the age of 6, he remembers how challenging it was having to constantly pack up belongings in a bookbag and “start over” at the next place he was going to call home. Constantly moving from state to state and city to city, he still remembers all the emotions that arose from having to constantly be on the move. It was difficult for him to create long lasting bonds with friends and family members. However, that did not stop him from trying his hardest to create good and loving memories with those he cared for. As someone who is big on networking and building connections, as a Congressional Foster Youth Delegate he looks forward to connecting with other leaders and advocates. He also wants to continue learning what it takes to become a more impactful and more efficient leader. While working alongside NFYI, he looks forward to creating change to help bring more resources, stability and motivation to the youth who are currently in the foster care system and for those who have aged out.


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