Elizabeth Villa

Your Role:  Organizing intern


I am a former foster youth and a mom to a wonderful 6-year-old.

As a young mother who raised herself and her son in a system with limited resources and who struggled with many insecurities throughout life, I had always wanted to help and give back to my community. Throughout, I have found ways to engage and connect with my community by becoming a charter member of the California Youth Connection and participating as a youth ambassador for a policy project led by CSSP that focuses on designing and implementing meaningful, anti-racist supports for transitioned-age youth.                                                                                                                    

Why you like working at NFYI: I enjoy being part of NFYI because my passion is in building a community that supports foster youth with equitable resources and uplifts youth to be part of the greater movement by giving youth the necessary tools to be engaged and successful.


Some of my current hobbies consist of collecting vintage items and photography.

Fun personal fact:

I am currently working on a project with Tú eres Tú, a campaign that supports foster youth to find their voice and regain control of their identity. I Will have the opportunity to create and print my own mini-zine to bring awareness to the pressing issues impacting our community.

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