California Delegate

Celeste Walley

Celeste Walley is the Permanency and Youth Engagement Specialist at CA Alliance’s Catalyst Center. She earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of California, Merced. Simultaneously, she also served as a peer partner for youth in Bay Area wraparound programs. Her lived experience is the foundation of her passion and led her to be a co-founder of Seneca Family of Agency’s Youth Advisory Board and has landed her seats on several national and local youth advisory/action boards and committees. Her passion for youth voice has had a tremendous impact and she hopes to continuously grow her impact and drive positive change in the foster, mental, and medical health systems. When she is not fiercely advocating, Celeste enjoys spending time with her siblings, watching and reviewing movies, and learning more about space. One

Fun Fact : about her is that she is a Libra zodiac sign!

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