Blade Oestreich

Role: Congressional Leadership Academy Manager

Background: Blade’s journey to strengthen foster youth systems started about 14 years ago as a member of California Youth Connection advocating on child welfare issues. At the same time, Blade also helped move legislative issues forward and strengthen policies in the welfare system. While a member of California youth connection, Blade was able to help write legislation with his peers that had passed into law, like California bill SB 1060, which maintains relationships for adopted siblings. Blade is driven to push forward on his career path and achieve new accomplishments nationwide.

Why he likes working at NFYI: My passion for youth voice has always been strong, having stemmed from my personal history of being in the system. At NFYI I can focus on my primary goal of molding the foster care system into a better one for its youth.

Passions/Hobbies/Aspirations: Blade is a chef and BBQ enthusiast, superhero trainer, and father, and a long-time child welfare advocate. He is most passionate about promoting leadership and skill development with young folks.

Fun personal fact: Blade is an animation nerd!

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