California Delegate

Axel Pecero

Axel Christian Pecero, hailing from San Pedro, CA, serves as a dedicated advocate for foster youth. Currently employed by California Youth Connection (CYC) and honored to represent foster youth as the speaker for Los Angeles County of Education (LACOE), Axel is deeply committed to empowering and uplifting his community. He is pursuing his education at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, striving to expand his knowledge and skills. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Axel aspires to establish his own businesses in the future, aiming to create opportunities for himself and others.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Axel finds joy in his role as a father, cherishing moments of quality family time. An avid chess enthusiast, he enjoys the strategic challenges the game presents. Axel’s dedication to advocacy, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to family, defines his journey as he continues to make a positive impact in the lives of foster youth and his community.

Fun Fact : Axel also has a love for freestyle rap and in his free time you can find him at a park playing basketball!

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