Ashley Carter

Ashley is a former foster youth who entered the child welfare system at the age of 8. She left the foster care system at the age of 21. Since then, she has become a full-time college student who is majoring in communication studies. She is also a mother to three amazing children, while maintaining a steady job. She also works as an advocate for former foster youth who have endured the child welfare system. Her goal is to be a mentor to foster youth exiting the child welfare system to help set them up for success to help furthermore contribute to changing the child welfare system. She wants to make the system better and more accessible than she experienced. She is currently working with multiple organizations who are tailored to support former foster youth. Working with the National Foster Youth Institute has given her the opportunity to take her advocacy one step further by allowing her the opportunity to use her platform to share her voice. Along with her experience to help work towards creating a better effective system to raise children.

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