California Delegate

Angelina Medina

Angelina Medina, a resident of Palmdale, California, is an individual with a strong commitment to serving the community. She has completed a four-year TAY AmeriCorp internship, during which she gained valuable experience working with several nonprofit organizations that focus on supporting and uplifting underserved communities. Angelina’s dedication to supporting transition-age foster youth has been recognized and honored with certificates of achievement for her services.

Angelina holds the position of member specialist at iFoster, providing valuable support to current and former foster youth. Having completed the internship program, Angelina is committed to utilizing her experience to aid others who are going through similar challenges. Her unwavering dedication to serving underprivileged communities is a testament to her character and work ethic.

Angelina’s connection to foster care is more than just her experience in the system. Her great-grandfather was a child in the Orphan Train movement, and her mother was adopted. Therefore, Angelina’s family believes that love extends beyond biological ties and that helping others is essential. Her passion for uplifting others is a reflection of this belief.

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