Washington Delegate

Angela Cruze-Boldt

Angela is originally from Washington state. She currently works and resides in Oregon. Her advocacy for foster youth began in 2013. Through her time as a Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Day delegat, the 29-year-old hopes to learn more on policy decisions that impact foster youth. She also hopes to learn ways to source resolutions for foster youth voices for a better System Of Care. During her time in Washington, D.C. Angela hopes to network with other young people impacted by the foster welfare system to create long lasting professional relationships. She also hopes her experience as a delegate helps her to gain a collective overview into the work that goes into decision-making at the federal level. A fun fact about Angela is that she collects quirky alien oddball art. One of her favorite quotes to live by is, “what you put into your life, is what you will get out of life.”


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