North Carolina Delegate

Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller is a former foster youth who has made it her mission to make the foster care system better than when she was in it. North Carolina is her home state and she recently moved to Pinehurst, NC to be closer to her adopted family. In 2016, she earned a bachelor’s degree from Longwood University in Anthropology. Through this, Andrea became passionate about the importance of connections, cultural and familial, and now focuses on maintaining sibling connections for youth in foster and kinship care. Andrea is excited to expand using her lived experience to push forward for change in the US foster care system, with a focus on North Carolina and Virginia. Andrea currently serves as a North Carolina Guardian Ad Litem and is a foster parent. She is also a long time volunteer with a family finding non-profit: Connect Our Kids, and works part-time as a clinical trials research assistant at a hospital. In her free time, Andrea loves running, reading, riding horses, and playing fetch with her dogs. She and her husband, Joel, have three dogs; Mr. Beans, Dr. Moo and Sir Waffles.

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