Nevada Delegate

Adam Matthews

Adam Matthews is an aspiring advocate based in Las Vegas, Nevada, who is passionate about making significant improvements in child welfare. Drawing from his own experiences in foster care and his education at UNLV, where he earned a BSW, Adam is deeply committed to public service. His journey through different family situations and interactions with the DCFS has instilled in him a strong sense of resilience and empathy, which have become the bedrock of his leadership abilities. These personal and professional experiences fuel his drive to create better systems that offer fair support and opportunities for every child.

During his time as a social work student, Adam honed his skills in group counseling, gaining a deep understanding of grief, and played a role in analyzing and summarizing legislation related to minority health equity. He is currently working with the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) via iFoster’s job program. In this role, he has been instrumental in gathering and interpreting feedback from students on the issues that affect them the most. He is also working on a project to gather information on housing resources in Nevada for students who have been in foster care.

Adam is looking forward to advancing his knowledge and skills in child welfare by enrolling in a trauma-informed MSW program in the summer of 2025. He aims to start his career in therapy and later transition into policy-making, using his extensive educational background and personal experiences to bring fresh and informed perspectives to the political arena. Outside of his professional interests, Adam enjoys playing video games, singing, playing the saxophone, or swing dancing.

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