Parental substance abuse is the most common primary reason children wind up in foster care, according to a report from Minnesota’s Department of Human Services. It’s the first time drug use has overtaken neglect, the department’s deputy commissioner Chuck Johnson told Minnesota Public Radio News.The state continues to see increases in both the number of child maltreatment reports and alleged victims over the last few years, and more so within the past year. Minnesota Statutes recognize six types of maltreatment: Neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental injury, emotional harm, medical neglect and threatened injury.The report shows 27 percent of children placed in foster care in 2016 were removed from their homes due to parental drug use. In addition, parental drug exposure has been on the rise since 2012. There were 1,330 children prenatally exposed to substances and alcohol in Minnesota in 2016, a 113 percent increase since 2012.

Source: No. 1 reason children in foster care is parental drug use | Local News Stories |