Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation CEO Nichol Whiteman Honored as the National Foster Youth Institute’s Champion of Children & Youth Award Recipient

LADF invests $25K in Local Youth Development Nonprofit Helping to Lift up Foster Youth Voices

LOS ANGELES (March 8, 2024) – Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation CEO Nichol Whiteman was honored with the National Champion for Youth and Children Award by the National Foster Youth Institute, a leading nonprofit helping to amplify the voices of current and former foster youth, bringing them to the table with decision makers. The award was presented on March 2 at the historic Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Whiteman expressed sincere gratitude to be awarded by NFYI Founder, the Honorable Karen Bass, Mayor of Los Angeles. “It’s truly an honor to have Mayor Bass here. I often say I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me. But I stand on the shoulders of those who stand by me and it’s a really good thing for her to be here at the stadium today representing an organization she founded but also celebrating those who continue to perpetuate the legacy of the National Foster Youth Institute.”

Showing a continued investment in supporting programs that assist with vulnerable populations, Whiteman announced LADF would be giving NFYI a $25,000 grant and continue to host NFYI members’ convenings at Dodgers Stadium while also continuing to give young people the opportunity to attend Los Angeles Dodgers games.

Speaking at the event NFYI Executive Director Rebecca Louve Yao said, “Today’s event features an absolutely inspiring group of speakers. Their stories and work shed light on the challenges foster youth face and how the opportunities and support they have found with NFYI have empowered them to speak truth to power and bring needed changes. Together we are supporting NFYI’s mission to make the child welfare system one that truly helps children and families to thrive.”

To date, LADF has invested 60 million dollars in programs and grants to over 250 unique nonprofits impacting 10 million youth. Speaking to this impact White said, “And we’re not done yet. I’m just entirely so thrilled that ultimately, after 11 years of reimagining the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, we have had such an impact on organizations like NFYI.”

Event photos can be accessed Here.

About NFYI: Launched in 2012, National Foster Youth Institute was created to organize foster youth and families, foster care alumni, and allies across the country to mobilize around transforming the child welfare system. NFYI annually engages over 250 current and former foster youth across the U.S.

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