Many foster children lack access to early care and education services

Without access to these services, foster youth are at increased risk for a number of poor outcomes which include developmental delays, low academic achievement, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, socio-emotional issues, and criminal behavior. State and local agencies within the healthcare, social services, and judiciary systems are oftentimes overwhelmed by the scope of their responsibilities and sheer volume of their caseloads.

Foster Youth at a Childcare Dinner childcareDid you know…

90% of brain development occurs before the age of 51?

For this reason, it is essential that children have access from an early age to early care and education services in order to foster healthy development in children and increase their chances of success later in life. Despite states like California giving priority enrollment to abused, neglected, and at-risk children, many children and foster families are not able to access programs due to a lack of capacity, short enrollment windows, and complicated enrollment procedures2.

NFYI and Childcare

NFYI believes that expanding access to resources for families in need is the best way to prevent children from entering foster care in the first place.


1Ensuring Our Foster Kids Get The Early Care They Need

2Child Care for Foster Youth, Alliance for Children’s Rights

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childcare services to more foster youth

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