Nedah Hatami and Jessica Davis did not know much about Fairfax County’s foster care system before they started looking into it for a school project.As members of Fairfax High School’s DECA chapter, a co-curricular organization that teaches leadership skills to students enrolled in marketing classes, the two 12th-grade students were tasked with developing a marketing research plan with real-world applicability for a competition at the end of the school year.Though they could focus on a variety of areas for their project, such as business management or the hospitality industry, Hatami and Davis decided to look into community service, initially knowing only that they wanted to somehow incorporate singing and to help children.Research led them to the Fairfax County Foster Care and Adoption Program, and the Little Voices Project was born.“A lot of people ask if we have any experience with the foster care system. We don’t. We were totally disconnected from the whole issue until last year when we came up with this idea,” Davis said. “…We found that they need a lot of support that they’re not necessarily getting from the community, so we wanted to try to be that influence.”

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