National Foster Power Summit ’22

June 11, 2022
10:00am PST - 3:00pm PST



National Foster Power Summit ’22

National FosterPower Summit ’22 is a virtual convening to strengthen connections and collaboration across state lines; amplify NFYI national priorities, deepen understanding of youth organizing and movement-building, and take collective action within your community. We look forward to coming together for networking, training and sharing of NFYI priorities for action!  We also value the time you will be putting in to this work.  Participants who attend both the training and complete a W9 form will receive $80 stipend via mail. Participants will also receive a gift card for a food delivery service of their choice for the day.


Our Speakers


Thank You to our Sponsors!

Visionary Circle

Wendy & Barry Meyer Foundation

Empowerment Circle

The Erica & Evan Fisher Family Foundation

Jewels Elmore Washington & Kiko Washington

Ed & Murphy Romano

Transformational Circle

Karen & Russell Goldsmith

Jeffrey & Marilyn Katzenberg

Nanxi Liu

Marcus Scribner

The Wertheimer Foundation

Engagement Circle

Ed & Murphy Romano

Catherine & Robert Ross

Kim Sterton

Kevin & Sandy Tsujihara

Voice Circle

Hon. Margaret Henry & Conway Collis

Harriet Zaretsky & Steve Henry

Visionary Circle

Join us at National Foster Power Summit ’22

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