With the opiate epidemic gripping Montgomery County, DeWine’s office chose eight counties for a new pilot program to help children going through the system due to a drug-addicted parent or guardian.

The program is part of a $1 million grant providing for the cost of a full-time staff member who will be responsible for family searches and engagement. The staff member will also assist with foster family recruitment if it gets to that point.

Montgomery County Children Services Director Jewell Good says more than 40-percent of the children in the county’s system are there because of their parent or guardian’s drug addiction.

“That’s what the numbers will tell you, but my staff would say those numbers are absolutely higher than that,” said Good.

The program, 30 Days to Family works to keep children out of the foster care system and with a family member through software.

Source: County program to help children of addicts in foster-care system | WDTN