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Counting #LostDays During National Youth Justice Action Month

October 28, 2021

October is National Youth Justice Action Month, an opportunity to raise awareness about overreaches in juvenile justice, the need for greater accountability and diversion programs, and to lift up the voices of justice-involved youth.

The Juvenile Justice Think Tank at NFYI is comprised of members and staff who have experience in both foster care and the juvenile justice system. They came together to respond to President Joe Biden’s juvenile justice policy plans and to launch a social media campaign to document why youth become justice-involved and how much time they spend in juvenile justice facilities.

The #LostDays project is open to anyone who was involved in the juvenile justice system. To participate:

  •  grab a piece of paper and write down the number of days you were incarcerated and the incident that led to it. (Ex: “I spent 5 days in the Juvenile Justice System for skipping school” or “I spent 20 days incarcerated for arguing with my sister in a group home.”)
  • Take a selfie with your piece of paper and post it to social media. Tag @nfyinstitute and use the hashtags #LostDays.  
  • If you’re not comfortable participating publicly but still want to help, take a photo of just your sign. You can also email pictures to [email protected]. 

To read and sign the letter the think tank wrote to President Biden, click here.

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