Florida Delegate

Rebekka Behr

Rebekka started advocating just prior to turning 17, when she entered the Florida Youth Leadership Academy and the Florida House Messenger Program. The 25-year- old grew up all across the East Coast living everywhere from Virginia to Pennsylvania. She also lived down South and moved to Florida where she currently resides. Through the Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Day, she is  hoping to gain new connections, build a stronger network, and learn about advocacy across the different states. She is hoping to learn what motivates members of Congress to make decisions in terms of being in favor or against bills. She also hopes to learn ways she can help to positively impact congressional members’ decisions. A fun fact about Rebekka is that she created a home to help and house those who have experienced foster care, relative care, or homelessness. And from that experience she is now about to work on her second home for others in Tallahassee, Fla. A quote that best reflects Rebekka is “What’s my definition of success? Creating something no one else can, being brave enough to dream big, grinding when you’re told to just quit, giving more when you’ve got nothing left” said by Nathan Feuerstein on his new album. His music connects greatly with her  visions, fears, hopes, and dreams and she hopes to continue to inspire and help others.

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