New Zealand Delegate

Jennifer Thonrithi

Jennifer Thonrithi Identifies as a child of God, foster child, student, and a strong, independent woman.

Jennifer is the only one in her Thai family to make it out of Thailand, and the first in her family to be born in New Zealand. Jennifer experienced multiple foster placements with several families but was ultimately raised by a Samoan family. She considers herself half Thai and half Samoan.

Jennifer is a strong advocate for care-experienced youth and has actively sought out every opportunity to create a better future for those coming into, already in, or exiting the foster care system.

Jennifer has met with decisionmakers in New Zealand, consulted on a new ethical framework for Children in Care called “Kia Tika, Kia Pono”, sat on several committees, and spoken at multiple conferences.

Currently, Jennifer is a full-time student working toward a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Auckland. She also works part-time at the YMCA looking after children ages 5-13.

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