Maine Delegate

Huyanna Clearwater

Huyanna is an experienced advocate, consultant, and policy advisor from Maine. Huyanna is First Nations: Cree and raised by the Wabanaki community. Driven by their life experience in the child welfare system, they take pride in advocating for the best policy reforms possible.

Huyanna has co-facilitated many state trainings on youth-on-youth development, strategic sharing, and foundations training for caseworkers. They also helped design and implement a normalcy bill in the New England states with the help of the New England Youth Coalition. 

Huyanna is currently a Chafee Fellow, working in areas such as communication, government affairs, and outreach, while also acting as a Young Adult Consultant on the Division X Technical Assistance project. 

Huyanna currently resides in Augusta, Maine with their two-year-old son and extended family.

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