A Note From Our Executive Director


Was Election Day only last week? It has caused such cataclysmic reverberations throughout our land, it seems like ages ago. Many of the campaign’s issues centered on children and families and no matter how you feel about the results, I think we can agree that how we take care of the most vulnerable among us, is a pretty good measure of what we value.

We have a collective responsibility to the next generation. The future is theirs and we need to give them a foundation and tools to make it the best it can be. NFYI is committed to reminding young leaders that their voices are essential to making life better for themselves and other foster youth and families.

The passage of Proposition HHH, the initiative to help end homelessness in Los Angeles, is a great example of what can happen when people join together to tackle a problem. NFYI’s Homelessness Action Committee played a key role in raising awareness of Prop. HHH. Their big SPEAKOUT event in October, attended by over 150 people, laid bare how homelessness affects foster youth, and how important it is to register and vote for change.

Next month we’ll hold our first Leadership Corps retreat. Youth from Los Angeles and a few others from around the country will reflect on their successes-to-date, cultivate their leadership skills more fully, and begin to do the work needed to make a difference in the foster care system in the months ahead. Please go on this journey with us, and help fund this convening. Your gift will make a huge difference to our work.

Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 29th but of course, you can donate now or anytime. Please go to our website and give whatever you can.

We thank you for your support and encouragement every day, and hope that your Thanksgiving holiday is full of warmth and hope and a renewed desire to build a better tomorrow for all of our young people,


Proposition HHH


NFYI’s Homelessness Action Committee​, (HAC)​ is ecstatic about the ​passage​ of Proposition HHH. The Foster Youth ​SPEAKOUT​ on October 22, 2016, ​raised awareness and raised youth voices​ to say​, ​”E​nd homelessness for foster youth​!​​”​ At the ​event, attended by well over 150 people,​ the HAC educated ​the​ community about Prop HHH, registered people to vote​,​ and followed up with everyone that attended to ​begin building​ a lasting relationship.

The HAC is using this powerful momentum to continue ​working​ to end homelessness and to make sure​ foster ​y​outh ​are​ a voice​ at the table​ when the 1.2 billion dollars is distributed.

Homelessness Action Committee “Teaches” at USC


On Monday November 14th, members of our Homelessness Action Committee participated in La Mikia Castillo’s Social Innovation lecture at USC. The students and HAC members enjoyed delicious Thai food for dinner which set everyone up for a rich discussion about community organizing, activism, and social movements.

HAC members told their stories of growing up in foster care, how it affects them today, and how they envision a transformed child welfare system. The​y ​also ​taught the class​ how the Foster Youth ​SPEAKOUT was organized and why it was​ as successful as it was.

NFYI Leaders Moving Up

Leroy Berrones Soto shadowed Representative Brian Babin ​in May 2016,​ at ​Congressional ​Shadow Day and has recently announced he has obtained a position at Domino​’​s Pizza. Congratulations​,​ Leroy!

Brian Morgantini participated in Shadow Day​ 2015​ and has been a strong leader in our Homelessness Action Committee up until 2 weeks ago when he accepted a position at Foster Club. It is bittersweet to see Brian go but we know he will continue to do great work.

Final Thoughts

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Lilla and the NFYI team