NFYI Charity Lingan

Charity Lingan

Charity Lingan is excited to start her journey as an intern with NFYI. She has the confidence that her direct experience in foster care has given her the skills and passion to mobilize, organize, and empower peers to spark change in the child welfare system.

Charity is 23 years old and is working on her marketing degree at California State University, Los Angeles. She believes that the time she spent as a foster youth has shaped her into the person she is today and is excited to spread that message to current/former foster youth. She is most looking forward to starting her outreach and bringing about social change to her community.

Having a five-year-old son of her own gives her a personal love and motivation for serving youth. Being an independent mother and student is a dream she’s had since she was a child. She is thrilled to spread the message that a foster child’s dream is possible, valid, and within reach. She is looking forward to assisting in creating systemic change that will give foster children the tools necessary to achieve their own dreams.

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