Carol Gillard

As Senior Accounting Consultant for NFYI, Carol is responsible for ensuring that NFYI maintains efficient and accurate financial data and that effective internal controls and best practices are in place. A highly skilled, detail-oriented accounting professional with 30+ years of hands-on and management experience in the profession, 22 years in the nonprofit sector alone, Carol also provides infrastructure support to NFYI’s Executive Director and the entire NFYI leadership team.

Carol has a B.S. in Accounting from The University of New Orleans.

What she likes about working with the NFYI Team: Supporting the organization’s mission and the amazing, dedicated team.  

Hobbies/Passions: Carol enjoys spending time with family and friends and is a lover of “all things music”.  She also loves doing power walks at the beach.

Fun fact: Carol became a lover of music at a young age and played piano, violin and cello in high school.

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