Anna Judson

Your Role: Policy Intern

Background: Anna Judson is a former foster youth from Los Angeles, and is currently serving as NFYI’s Policy Intern to assist in organizing and drafting policy at the federal and state level. In addition to her role with NFYI, Anna is completing her major in legal studies at UC Berkeley where she will graduate in May 2022. Her academic background explores the intersection of law, public policy, and human rights to fight inequality which she is excited to apply in this new role.

In the coming months, Anna will apply to law school where she hopes to graduate with her JD and continue to fight for legal and policy change.

Why you like working at NFYI: Before aging out of foster care, Anna began to advocate and provide services for system-impacted communities, specifically those who have experienced foster care or incarceration. Her desire to do this work was inspired in part by her siblings’ experiences being “dual-youth,” as well as her desire to improve the child welfare for those who enter it after her.

Passions/Hobbies: Outside of her passion for law and policy, Anna is passionate about giving back to her community and assisting other foster youth who aspire to go to college. Her hobbies include listening to music, practicing self-care, watching Netflix, and cooking!

Fun Fact: A fun fact about Anna is that she taught herself how to play the ukulele during the pandemic, and still knows how to juggle from when she was taught in middle school

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