NFYI Anise Goff

Anise Goff

Role: Special Projects Consultant

Background: Anise Goff is an astute marketing professional with a track record in creating, developing, and executing compelling campaigns/experiences that increase awareness and engagement for brands and nonprofits.

With an MBA in Marketing, she specializes in experiential and marketing strategy as well as communications. Her mantra focuses on creating and connecting the human experience to brands.

Why she likes working at NFYI: I love working with the NFYI team. They are true MVP’s in the mission to advocate for current and former foster youth. Mostly, I love how NFYI really helps its members find their voices both personally and professionally.

Passions/Hobbies/Aspirations: Anise’s passion is helping others. She loves to connect people and it makes her happy when she can connect them and new relationships are created.

Fun personal fact: Anise used to be a professional singer and was once on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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