NFYI Alexis Obinna

Alexis Obinna

Alexis Obinna has been volunteering and giving back to various communities since age eight. She started with helping her foster mom watch daycare children, trash removal at her school, painting her school, planting community gardens, and so much more. In 2019, she graduated with her double associate’s degree in sociology and child development. She now currently attends California State University Los Angeles, where she continues to fight and give back to various communities as a social work major.

Alexis is a huge social and racial justice advocate and has fought for the rights of many people of color. She has collaborated with many nonprofits such as California Youth Connection (CYC), Los Angeles Reproductive Health Equity Program, the Department of Children and Family Services, Independent City, Youth-led Participatory Action Research board, and so many more. She has been with CYC since 2014, and is honored to do great work to improve the child welfare system.

In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, roller skating, collecting crystals, visiting new places, and making art. She plans to work with DCFS to provide youth with equitable resources and fair chances that she was denied. She wants to spread hope and positivity, and values working on herself to do so. Thank you for reading her bio and ask her anything — she has many resources having experienced the child welfare system for over 16 years.

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