Megan Tyoni Simon

West Coast Organizing Intern


My name is Megan Simon. I was born and raised in Pasadena, California and have attended every Rose Parade since I was five. I am currently an Organizing Intern for the National Foster Youth Institute (NFYI). In this capacity, I will be responsible for advancing the organizations mission to lift the voices of other former foster youth.

When alone, I enjoy creating garments, trinkets and fashion design. I truly love engaging in artistic endeavors, and fashion has been both my outlet for art, and a hobby of mine since childhood. I also enjoy writing fictional stories and reading books.

I have earned certification to work with children diagnosed with autism as a Behavioral Therapist and I have received a CPI training certificate. I am currently enrolled at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, where I am pursuing my BA in Fashion and Business Merchandise.

I am very passionate about TAY and foster youth, and I look forward to the work I will do at NFYI. In my spare time, when I am not creating new pieces to wear, I enjoy spending time with my family and going on long walks on the beach.

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